Things To Consider When Choosing a Private Label & White Label Partner

How do they treat you? Keep in mind how they do anything is how they will do everything. If they are difficult to work with in the beginning, they will continue to be difficult to work with and probably only get worse as time goes on. Make sure that they are a company you can see yourself growing with month over month, year over year.


You will be able to tell from the start if they actually care about you and your business or if they just want your money. Below are some things to consider.


Some good questions to ask your potential Private Label Partner:


Where do they source their Hemp CBD from? (Make sure they have a reliable and consistent supply)




How and where are they making your Private Label products?


Do they offer third party testing on your Private Label or White Label products?


Do they support you throughout the entire process

  • Marketing
  • Credit card processing
  • Label Design
  • Packaging Design


Questions to ask yourself:

Do their products fit your demographic that you want to reach?


Do they understand your market that you are targeting?

What’s your budget for your Private Label Or White Label Project? This is something to consider when talking to your prospective manufacturing partners. Depending on what your budget is, it might be too high or too low for some manufacturers, some require very high minimums and require minimums of 10,000 units or more. Others have the ability to do lower minimums and accommodate smaller production runs. This is a good conversation to have right in the beginning. That way you do not waste your time.


Words of advice:

If you are looking for the cheapest products, you will find what you are looking for, anyone can be the cheapest. But with the cheapest comes other problems especially with quality and the service you will receive.