About Brian:

Brian Lytle has been helping CBD companies scale for several years. He has launched two CBD companies of his own 360 Distribution CBD and Limitless CBD. Brian scaled both companies to over 1 million + the first year. He knows how to scale a business quickly. His focus is on proper systems and processes but even more than that he believes the one way to set yourself apart in this “Wild West” of an industry is to be an educator, your clients go to source for answers. 


Employee Sales Training

Marketing (Discover Your Target Market)

Lead Generation

Wholesale Growth Strategy

Product Development and Selection Strategy 


Systems and Processes to Scale

Hemp CBD Education 




Free Consultation:

Send a message and set up a time to talk. See how Brian can help. He can guarantee you will learn something to implement in your business after your initial consult that will help you make progress immediately! 

Email: Brian@Brian360Marketing.com