MegaGrow Growroom and Greenhouse lighting solutions!

Grow lights are typically the most overlooked and underappreciated aspect of an indoor garden. The quality of your grow light is the single most important tool an indoor gardener can use to increase the quantity and the quality of their crop.

MegaGrow 1000W DE HPS
MegaGrow 315W CMH

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH)

Ceramic arc tubes offer a number of advantages over quartz glass arc tubes. For starters, they last longer. It has been discovered that much like the case with brake pads, ceramic is simply a better material for the job. Ceramic HID bulbs, when run at the recommended wattage and frequency, last on average twice as long as an HPS bulb, and about 3-4 times longer than a regular MH bulb.

Quartz glass arc tubes like the ones on traditional MH fixtures can’t withstand the same intensity that a ceramic arc tube can. For this reason, they degrade much quicker and have a shorter usable life. The only disadvantage to using ceramic tubes is that since the technology is so new, a lot of lighting companies haven’t developed fixtures for these kinds of bulbs, meaning we are limited on versatility in the grow room. The other disadvantage is the higher cost – however this is negated by the fact that they last twice as long, and thus need to be replaced half as often, saving you money over time. Our MegaGrow CMH lights emit beneficial UV light that can help increase essential oil production in your plants.





Double Ended High Pressure Sodium (DE HPS)

Double-ended bulbs improve on both the quality and quantity of the plant-usable light emitted by single end (SE) lamps, and are also more efficient for your light coverage, electricity and maintenance bills. This is achieved primarily because the lamps are run at extremely high frequencies.

This avoids acoustic resonance, improves optimal output and maintains output over time. The resulting reaction provides a more stable temperature and operating current. Ensuring the arc tube is functioning more efficiently provides an improved spectral coverage and DE lamps generally have a 10-30% increase in light intensity and PAR output over traditional SE bulbs.

MegaGrow DE lamps emit more UV and infrared light than traditional SE bulbs, which increases potency and essential oil production in select plants.

MegaGrow DE globe also has a number of other design improvements to increase light output and quality. With the two sockets attached to the arc tube, the DE eliminates the obsolete and light-degrading wire frame that holds the arc tube in place in standard SE bulbs.


If you need someone to private label or white label any of the cannabis grow lights or fixtures above, we are the company that can help. MegaGrow has been manufacturing Grow Lights for over 20 years. We will manufacture and package your product so it comes ready to sell!

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