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Get Custom, White Label CBD Products for Your Store

Get Custom, White Label CBD Products for Your Store

The last few years have seen an explosion in public interest in CBD products. Items that contain CBD are a non-narcotic solution to getting the health benefits of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants like hemp. Though there are many CBD products on the market, they aren’t created equal. There is a vast, growing market […]

CBD For Pets

Are CBD Products Safe for your Pet? Cannabidiol, CBD, is quickly gaining popularity and credibility for its therapeutic use in humans including treatment of seizures, inflammation, arthritis, and anxiety. House pets are often diagnosed with similar problems, and individuals are beginning to wonder whether or not CBD would also work in these situations. The science […]

How To Start a Hemp CBD Company

Cannabis is all over the news. It is getting a ton of attention from not only cannabis enthusiasts but business men and women everywhere. When it comes to cannabis and its many benefits, THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol], the psychoactive component that gives cannabis its “high” it gets the bulk of the attention. But, industry insiders and, increasingly, consumers recognize […]

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