Dear anxiety sufferer,

A silent killer is affecting more than 20 million men and women and, if you've found this site, it's probably affecting you. Anxiety. Stress. Panic. Worry.

Almost without warning, your heart races, your stomach churns, you don't know what to do and troubles that look easy for other people to handle seem like they're bringing down your entire world. You hold onto hope that you can keep your nerves calm, but you just can't.

You start to discover the things that set you off, but you can't avoid them all. And there are always unexpected situations.

Maybe you've tried counseling, but it only made you feel better for a little while. Maybe you tried benzos or SSRIs but they left you feeling changed somehow, like a different person. You need sleep to stay calm, but you're so anxious you can't get any sleep. And the worst part is the look on your loved ones' faces, like they just don't understand what you're going through.

It's not in your head, it's in your body. What we have discovered is that a majority of people who suffer from chronic stress, and general anxiety are missing key nutritional elements in their diet, which throws your body out of balance, one of those key nutirents is a cannabinoid, this is going to be very new to many of you. "You're probabbly thinking, what! a Cannabioid what is that?!". A Cannabinoid is a chemical compound derived from cannabis and acts on cannabinoid receptors in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain. We have an  Endocannabinoid System that regulates and controls many Neurological and Immune functions. Many doctors are starting to learn more about all of its functions and are contributing many Neurolgical disorders like anxiety, PTSD along with other ailments in the body to a deficient Endocannabinoid system.

The Solution

One cannabinoid that has been shown very effective in treating anxiety is Cannabidiol (CBD) the non pychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. When it comes to treating mental illnesses – especially depression – the options are unfortunately extremely limited. Most of the time pharmaceutical drugs can take weeks, if not months, before the patient notices a difference and oftentimes antidepressant medications are extremely addictive with a long list of potential side effects if you quit taking them suddenly. The worst part is that antidepressants only work for some people – at least 1 in 3 people with depression are unable to find relief through current antidepressant drugs.CBD has been researched more and more in recent years and is being considered somewhat of a miracle compound due to its amazing success rate when it comes to treating epileptic seizure conditions of all sorts. Now it appears that CBD is also an extremely effective antidepressant. The other great part about this, is CBD is legal all throught the United states, so everyone can have access to natures medicine.



Human Studies Show How CBD Reduces Anxiety


Brazilian researchers conducted a small double-blind study of patients afflicted with generalized social anxiety. After consuming CBD, participants reported a significant decrease in anxiety. Researchers validated patients’ subjective reports by performing brain scans showing cerebral blood flow patterns consistent with an anti-anxiety effect.


In another small study, researchers had patients suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder perform a simulated public speaking test. Participants reported significantly less anxiety, findings supported by objective anxiety indicators like heart rate and blood pressure.


Researchers concluded, “[CBD] significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance,” whereas the placebo group experienced “higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, [and] discomfort.”


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"My experience with BioCBD Plus has been positive thus far. The ailments I have been seeking relief for are migraines, PTSD related anxiety and joint pain. Although my migraines are sporadic, I can say that I have not experienced one since starting BioCBD Plus over six moths ago! I’ve taken numerous anti-depressants for my anxiety but none have had the therapeutic effect that BioCBD Plus has provided me. Thank you for your product and thank you for your scholarship plan which has made it accessible for me! Happy New Year", Chance P

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