CBD Consulting For a Range of Services

CBD Consulting For a Range of Services

At 360Distribution you might say we’re in the ‘white label’ business’.

We’re not manufacturing equipment for bottle filling or sealing. We’re offering assistance with the conceptual side of CBD Consulting business – helping you figure out how to set up and how to sell.

Here are some of the consulting areas that we specialize in, serving various CBD companies in a quickly emerging industry. There’s a “gold rush” right now to cash in on selling CBD, but we make sure that our clients are head and shoulders ahead of the competition to really win out in this exciting type of retail.


You will need all sorts of equipment to start out with CBD sales. We can help you brainstorm and troubleshoot how to get the right equipment in-house to start producing your bottles or vials or whatever you’re keeping your CBD products in, or if you go the route of outsourcing manufacturing, we can help make sure that your vendor agreements are solid. We help you to set up the “bones” of your business the right way to accommodate your eventual success and cost savings for higher profits.

Lead Generation

You need customers, right?

Again, Brian Lytle at 360 has a track record of effectively helping CBD companies to scale by getting new customers in the door with successful qualified lead generation. Let us help you to increase brand visibility and foot traffic to your site, so that you eventually are able to grow your business the right way.

Wholesale Growth Strategy

As the company grows over time, the company needs to scale. That sounds simple, but there are all sorts of complex decisions to be made about how that scaling happens. We stand with our customers to help them to move forward consistently and toward effective success, by consulting on how to take each step deliberately, leaving nothing to chance – because leaving things to chance is how many businesses fail!

Employee Sales Training

With CBD consulting, as with any kind of company, you have to have the right people on board. We know that, and we also help with talent acquisition and sales training. When you get the right people, and the right on-boarding, and the right sales training, you get a powerful three-fold cord of success that propels your products into the marketplace and helps you sell more every month.

Product Development and Selection

Of course, to be entirely successful, you have to have the best products. Here’s another area where we’re extremely helpful to our client businesses in, again, sitting down and brainstorming what products to focus on, and how to address target audiences.

Call us for more detail – we’re happy to go to work with you!

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