Why Now is The Time to Enter the CBD Market

Why Now is The Time to Enter the CBD Market

Health and fitness retailers are always on the hunt for the newest natural products that appeal to their target demographic. Products that contain CBD have become extremely popular over the past few years. Brian Lytle CBD can help retailers and brand owners take advantage of the growing interest in CBD. Retailers can stock their shelves with CBD products from 360 Distribution, and brands can package their own CBD products to sell to customers. Market trends also strongly suggest that there’s a lot of money to be made this way. Here are some of the reasons why now is the time to enter the CBD market.

CBD has only been on the market for a relatively short time. However, the products have become popular for their distinct properties. A 2019 report estimated that the CBD market in the US could exceed $22 billion by the year 2022. This level of consumer demand makes it evident that stocking retail store shelves with CBD products is a winning strategy for increasing revenue.

Because selling CBD to consumers is a new trend, consumers have yet to build strong brand loyalties. Using Brian Lytle CBD to create private label CBD products can have multiple benefits for brand owners. Business owners can use branded CBD products to reach new customers who will become loyal to the brand. Similarly, current customers of the brand who haven’t tried CBD may be tempted to buy it if it comes from a brand they already trust. 

The growing interest in CBD is the catalyst for a lot of product innovation. Some people like to take CBD through a simple tincture or pills. However, the various potential uses of CBD makes the compound useful in edible products, skincare products, pet products, and more. Entrepreneurs can buy pure CBD extract from Brian Lytle CBD which can be used to make custom CBD products for a target audience. For example, retailers can by Hemp Shot from 360 Distribution, which is a little energy drink that’s infused with CBD. 

At the moment, the CBD market is loosely regulated, which creates a lot of variety among the different products on the market. As scientists learn more about what makes CBD so effective, there is a growing consensus about the best way to extract and use CBD for the benefit of the user. At Brian Lytle CBD, we use high-quality CBD that provides the best results for the user. Stocking your shelves with high caliber products will bring customers back to your store to buy more.

Business owners can see the growing demand for CBD products by looking at data from Google Trends. There has been a significant global increase in searches related to CBD and CBD products over the five years. This growing interest in CBD echoes the rise in sales numbers. For health product retailers, selling CBD products can help an online store appear in more searches. And for brick-and-mortar retailers, when customers see that they can buy CBD, they’ll remember the stuff they read online.

The time is right to enter the CBD market. The retailers and brands that get a head start on the competition will have greater staying power. If you’re interested in buying wholesale CBD or getting private label CBD products for your store, Brian Lytle CBD can help. Send us a message online if you want to learn more about getting started. 

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