Buy Wholesale CBD and Hemp Extracts

Wholesale CBD & Hemp Extracts

How to start: new wholesale clients are required to submit a copy of their EIN and state resellers license, and complete our wholesale registration forms. Please email or call to register: or call 440-231-5994 to set up a wholesale account

Wholesaler Program

The 360 Distribution wholesaler program is tailored to make the process of selling our products as easy and profitable as possible. We have helped several of our partners greatly increase their revenue streams including dispensaries, local retail stores, supplement retailers, and holistic & health-care professionals. Buy Wholesale CBD


We have a few different options for you:


Option 1 – Finished Limitless CBD Product Line

We offer substantial discounts on bulk quantities of our finished hemp extract supplements, CBD isolate, and CBD vape oils.

If you choose to carry Limitless CBD products, our experienced team members will be there to support you every step of the way. From the initial training and education to sales support and demos, we’re ready to help. Limitless CBD is committed to transparency, quality, and the health of our customers. We believe that hemp can truly make the world a better place. If you share that passion, we’d love to work with you!


Option 2 – Bulk Extracts

Limitless CBD provides bulk CBD and wholesale hemp extracts to qualified researchers and companies.

Option 3 – Private Label 

Buy Wholesale CBD. Our product your label, we have over 30 products to choose from.


Buying wholesale CBD products is one of the key idea in having your CBD Business. You can do a lot of modifications and good offers to suppliers. Also, suppliers prefer wholesalers when having a business partner in terms of security and long term business venture.





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