3 Easy Ways to Supplement with CBD

Cannabidiol’s (CBD) potential to treat illnesses ranging from seizures, to anxiety, inflammation, and more has been well documented. The recent resurgence in studying cannabis as medicine means researchers are looking more closely at how cannabis can help millions of people promote healthy lifestyles. Many people are now adding cannabidiol products into their diet in order to enjoy the antioxidant, anti-stress, and other supports offered by CBD.


So you have decided to give CBD a try for yourself. How can you add it into your life?


Vape CBD – CBD products can be blended with carrier liquids such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to make blends that are used in electronic cigarettes, much like popular nicotine eliquids on the market. These CBD vapor liquids are vaped in the same way as ejuices, by adding them to refillable cartridges and vaping them. Other CBD products are distilled down into a waxy resin and can be vaped in specific atomizers designed to handle thicker resins and waxes. Both methods allow the potent CBD to be absorbed into your body quickly and easily with a minimum of effort.


Eat CBD – Cannabidiol can also be eaten as yummy edibles or even ingested directly. CBD oil concentrates can be dripped directly in the mouth. Many CBD kits come with a dripper or syringe, allowing the user to dose the CBD oil by mouth. Those same CBD concentrates are also mixed with foods and beverages such as candies, cakes, gummies, or energy drinks. The CBD is mixed in with the edible which the user then ingests to gain the helpful effects of the cannabidiol concentrate. What an easy and delicious way to supplement your diet with healthy CBD!  


Topical CBD – CBD applications can also be made into slaves or creams for use at this site of pain or inflammation. Since CBD is fat soluble, it can be absorbed through the skin. This application is best suited for arthritis pain, swelling, or other inflammation as well as skin rashes such as eczema or psoriasis. The CBD is absorbed directly into the site of the issue without having to be processed through all the body’s systems and so can work immediately for relief of symptoms.


Consumers love CBD because CBD is so adaptable! Whatever your needs are, there is a way to make CBD work for you. From vaping, to edibles, to topical salves, CBD can help you reap the benefits of a healthy, all-natural lifestyle!

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